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Op deze pagina treft u een overzicht van software en scripts gemaakt door SuperClass IT. De software is OpenSource wat betekent dat u deze software vrij kunt gebruiken. Zie voor meer informatie de copyright informatie bij de software.

Superwas WebSphere Scripting Library

Superwas is a Jython scripting library to be used with IBM WebSphere Application Server. It allows you to define your servers, applications and resources in a property file. This enables automatic and consistent deployments. It allows you to quickly install or uninstall server, resources and applications and enables consistency between different environments like test and production environments. Because it's command line oriented it enables scripted and scheduled deployments. The property files used as input are plain text files which are easy to maintain using a versioning tool, also this enables convenient comparison of environments. Besides installation and deinstallation of servers, resources and applications it also allows starting and stopping for objects that support it (e.g. Application Servers and Applications). Superwas also provides monitoring support for Nagios (a well known infrastructure monitoring tool) of certain WebSphere PMI data: it writes monitoring data to a fifo from which it can be read by a Nagios plugin (which is part of the Superwas distribution).

Superwas is OpenSource software which means it may be used freely in your own projects!

The complete scripting library can be downloaded here, it includes the jython scripts, documentation and shell script to invoke superwas. Currently Superwas is provided as a compressed tar archive, at a later time there will also be a subversion link.

Get Superwas from Github!

Feel free to use and extend the library, for any questions and remarks refer to the contact page. For more information read the entire article.